Working Effectively With Indigenous Peoples® - eTraining
Working Effectively With Indigenous Peoples® - eTraining

Working Effectively With Indigenous Peoples® - eTraining

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Are you looking for training to help you get beyond awareness in your work with Indigenous Peoples? What if you had a safe environment in which to ask questions and get the help you need?

This course is Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations in a single course. Get beyond Indigenous Awareness to practical skills and tools that can be applied everywhere!

What are your key challenges?

Indigenous Awareness

  • Understanding how history impacts Indigenous Peoples
  • Understanding how current Indigenous issues impact Indigenous communities
  • Understanding Indigenous self-government
  • Understanding the constitutional, political and legal context of Indigenous issues
  • Understanding how Indigenous and western world views impact decision-making

Indigenous Relations

  • Understanding how to cultivate Indigenous relationships
  • Understanding business reasons for work with Indigenous Peoples
  • How to begin to consult with Indigenous Peoples
  • Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing
  • How to manage risk when cultivating Indigenous relationships

Who should take this course?

  • Those new to & those experienced in Indigenous relations
  • Federal, provincial, regional, municipal government staff
  • Consultants, human resources, service industry
  • Resource, construction sectors
  • Senior executives, managers and board members
  • Health care practitioners, educators, 
  • Lawyers, justice, police, media, retail


"This training was exactly what I was looking for. It addressed my training needs from a human and workplace perspective. I am now equipped with many tools to ensure that I have effective, respectful and worthwhile interactions with Indigenous communities in the future."   L. S.    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

    • 30 day access
    • Certificate of Completion
    • (free) digital copy of ebook Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®, 4th edition

Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® training has been taken by thousands of individuals and organizations. This training delves into the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, the Crown-Indigenous relationship and how that was formed plus invaluable hints, tips, and suggestions on building respectful and effective relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities. Here’s the agenda with a full description.

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