Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®

Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®

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Take Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® and save $50 as compared to taking Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually.

This is the original foundational course for Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. Extensive field testing has confirmed that any training should be designed to help individuals work effectively with Indigenous Peoples rather than just raise awareness. For this reason, our goal is to help you get beyond Indigenous awareness to practical skills and tools that can be applied everywhere.

Participants will be provided with historical background and its relation to modern issues that affect Indigenous Peoples. In addition, participants will explore cross-cultural perspectives, appropriate vocabulary for conducting business, and business reasons for developing Indigenous relations. This course advances beyond awareness to focus on how to cultivate individual and organizational strategies for developing relationships.

This training is the equivalent of taking both the Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually.

Topics covered in the course include:


  • Historical Background of Indigenous Peoples
    • Pre-contact
    • Contact History
    • Post-Contact History
    • Recent History
  • Constitutional, Political and Legal Context
    • British North America Act, Indian Act, Other Legislation
    • Political Will
    • Legal Decisions
  • Modern Treaties
  • Indigenous Self-Government


  • The Business Case for Working Effectively
    • The Business case for Industrial Developers and Government
    • Managing Risk Exposure
    • Increasing Reward Potential
    • Strategies for Industrial Developers and Government
  • Aboriginal Consultation According to the Constitution
    • Free, Prior and Informed Consent
    • The Difference between Consultation and Engagement
  • Risk Assessment
  • RESPECT: A Path Towards Working Effectively

Participants have one month to complete the training and will receive an ebook copy of Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®, 4th Edition.  A certificate will be awarded at the end of the training.

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