Creating an Indigenous Engagement Plan - Vancouver - November 23, 2017 | 9:00am to 12:00pm


Do you need help creating an Indigenous Engagement Plan?  Not sure what goes into one?  Where to start?  Or who to talk too?  Join us and learn first hand what goes into creating an Indigenous Engagement Plan.

This training is a nuts and bolts on how to create your own Indigenous Engagement plan. We will answer questions, provide suggestions, and facilitate dialogue, with the help of a workbook, and walk you through the process of creating an engagement plan.

Participants are asked to bring a copy of a plan they are currently working on or be prepared to start developing one for their project or initiative.  

Purpose of the training:

  • Provide information to help participants to build an engagement plan to support their engagement and consultation efforts,
  • Set participants up to lead the engagement planning efforts for their teams,
  • Share experiences and learn from others,
  • Create a working outline for your engagement plan

Who should attend this training:

  • Those just starting out to those who have been working with Indigenous people or communities for years
  • Government representatives
  • Business representatives from the retail, industrial and financial sectors
  • Senior executives, managers and board members
  • Line managers, project managers and project team members
  • Communications and community relations staff
  • Properties and lands staff and policy makers

At this training you will:

  • Learn the essential steps to develop an Indigenous engagement plan
  • Determine the purpose and objectives of the engagement plan based on your specific project or initiative
  • Create community profiles to gain a preliminary understanding of the communities’ interests
  • Learn to assess the level of engagement for each Aboriginal/Indigenous group
  • Learn to identify appropriate people to start the engagement process with
  • Review various methods to conduct consultation activities
  • Prepare for dealing with common issues that may be barriers to achieving meaningful engagement, like capacity building
  • Receive a copy of a workbook to guide you through the process



9:00am  to 12:00pm

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Essential Steps required to develop an Engagement Plan
  • Defining the purpose and objectives of your plan
  • Create community profiles
  • How to assess the level of engagement
  • Identify who we should be engaging with
  • Review methods to conduct consultation activities
  • Wrap up and Evaluations


Pre-Requisite - There are no pre-requisites for this course although it is strongly suggested that participants take Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples™ prior to taking this course unless they have some extensive experience working with communities. 

Pre-registration is required.

Location:  Will be in the downtown core.  Further details provided upon registration.


Certificate of Completion provided.

Refund & Cancellation Policy –Fee is refundable (less $75 + tax) if notice is received at least 10 business days before the training. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule workshop, refuse admission, or change speakers, location, or content.