ONLINE - Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples™


GET BEYOND Indigenous Awareness and Reconciliation Awareness.

Increase your Indigenous awareness and cross-cultural understanding and more importantly get beyond Indigenous awareness and Reconciliation training to practical hints, tips, and suggestions that can be applied across Canada when working with Indigenous Peoples.

We wrote the book on Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples™.  We have taken our information in our National Bestselling book and our popular in person training and created this online course.

At your convenience, over 7-9 hours, you will learn about:

History of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

  •        Pre-Contact
  •        Contact, Discovery, and the New World
  •        Primitive Cultures
  •        Royal Proclamation
  •        Métis Nation
  •        Canada Becomes a Country

Legal Cases impacting Indigenous Peoples

  •        Canada’s Constitution
  •        Supreme Court of Canada
  •        Treaties
  •        Self-Government
  •        Population

Business Case for Governments and Corporations

Communications & RESPECT©

  •      Creating Long Term and Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  •      Strategies for Better Communications

Upon Completion you can receive a printable Certificate of Achievement